Why Romance Travel

Honeymoons and destinations weddings are perhaps the most memorable trips a couple will take. It’s their first journey as a married couple, and whether they’re looking for adventure or relaxation, they want it to be unforgettable.
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Romance Travel Specialists have the knowledge and experience to plan these perfect getaways, and get each couple the most for their money. Their industry connections and expertise can mean the difference between the honeymoon the couple expected, and a honeymoon that truly wows them. That’s why more and more people are turning to romance travel specialists.

If you’ve ever taken a honeymoon, or gone to a destination wedding, you know how exciting and memorable these events are for couples. If you are passionate about travel and enjoy making people happy, there would be few things more rewarding than planning a perfect trip for a special occasion.

Being a Romance Travel Specialist is not only fun, it’s among the most profitable segments of the travel industry. For instance, couples spend nearly three times more on honeymoons than typical vacations.

  • 99% of all traditional wedding couples take a honeymoon.
  • It’s estimated that over 1.4 million couples will take a honeymoon this year, spending a total of $12 billion on those honeymoons!
  • 24% of marriages are destination weddings, making destination weddings a huge $16 billion per year market!
  • The average couple spends $28,000 on their destination wedding, with an average of 48 guests.
  • 79% of travel agents say that their clients pay more for a honeymoon than any other type of travel!

Another great benefit of focusing on romance travel is the networks you will build. Many couples go on anniversary trips, which means you’ll have a repeat customer. Developing relationships with couples could also mean booking family vacations in later years.

Be a part of this thriving, profitable industry when you join the LoveShack Vacations team!