Highest Commissions

Sure, planning romantic vacations and destination weddings sounds like a dream job. And it is — just ask our agents! In addition to being personally rewarding, the income you can earn as a travel agent specializing in romance travel is essentially limitless.

Here’s how it works: when you book a client’s vacation, you earn a commission, which is a percentage of the travel purchased. Because of our sales volume and relationship with the established host agency KHM Travel Group, we’ve earned recognition from the top brands in the romance travel industry. For instance, we were recently awarded Sandals Star Award, ‘Top 10 Sandals and Beaches Agency in the World!’

Because of our reputation in the industry and high sales volume, LoveShack has the highest commission contracts in the travel industry.  That means the highest possible commission rates for you! Whereas some host agencies offer 5% to 10% commissions, our suppliers payout average payout ranges from 14% to 19%.

Here’s a commission example:

Honeymoon Package Price $7,840.00
Total Commission $1,195.20
Agent Split Percent 90%
Agent Commission $1,075.68

In the above example, you would earn $1,075.68 on just one booking! From the time you start, you’ll earn 80% of the total commission. Once you have earned a total of $5,000 in commissions, your payout will be increased to the full 90%.

The best part? Your clients don’t pay anything to use your services. The commission is paid by the travel provider. Couples will have varying budgets for their vacations and destinations weddings — some will spend thousands, and some will depend on to get them the best value for your money.

To ensure your customers are satisfied and you continue to earn referrals, it’s important to bring the same level of energy and professionalism to each of your clients, no matter what their budget. Your long-term success depends on it!